Friday, March 2, 2012

Top 10 Christian Contemporary Videos

I didn't just want to focus on Rap, Rock, and Pop. So here are the Top 10 Christian Contemporary Videos. Enjoy! I'll make a Gospel list soon to and an R&B one also. Anyway. Enjoy!

1. Us And Our Daughters- Honey

2. Matthew West- Strong Enough

3 . Nicole Nordeman- Beautiful For Me

4. Sanctus Real- Lead Me

5. Josh Wilson- I Refuse

6. Jason Crabb- Somebody Like Me

7. Natalie Grant- I Will Not Be Moved

8.Third Day- Lift Up your Face

9. Newsboys-Born Again

10. Casting Crowns- Does Anybody Hear Her?

Top 5 Christian Pop Videos For This Week

I just wanted to do a quick list for Christian Pop. There are a lot of great artists out there. Here are 5 you need to check out.

1. V. Rose- Not So Average

2. Britt Nicole- Headphones

3. Jimmy Needham-Grace Amazing

4. Britt Nicole- The Lost Get Found

5. V. Rose feat. Flame- Surrender


Right now I will be updating the top 100 videos for Christian Rap/Rock daily or weekly.

Top 100 Christian Rock Videos

1. Fireflight-For Those Who Wait

2.Don't Wake Aislin- Through The Oppression Of The Wicked

3. Nine Lashes- Anthem Of The Lonely

4. Devin Williams-Overload

5. Switchfoot- Dark Horses

6. Todd Agnew- Unchanging Love

7. Hawk Nelson- Crazy Love

8. Manafest- Everytime You Run

9. Me In Motion- Losers

Friday, February 17, 2012

Top 100 Christian Rap Music Videos

I will be updating this list accordingly. Mostly daily...

Top 100 Christian Rap Music Videos

1. Da T.R.U.T.H. - The Whole Truth

2. Forerunnaz - Need It Daily(Remix)

3. Level 3:16- Tell Him(Internal Conflict)

4. Trip Lee - Real Vision Feat.Tedashii

5. Da T.R.U.T.H.- LOST

6. John Reuben- Do Not

7. Lecrae-Praying For You

8. Tobymac- Irene

9. KJ-52 - Dear God Remix Feat. Goldinchild

10. Mali Music-The Job Experience

11. Jahaziel- In My Neighbourhood

12. Rhema Soul- Fly Away

13. Json- Parent Me

14. Flame -Move (Awesomest Vid!!!)

15. Etizz- Never Leave Me

16. Flame Feat. V. Rose- Surrender

17. The Washington Projects- Justus

18. Manafest- Every Time You Run

19. B. Reith- The Comeback Kid
20. The Washington Projects- Light Up The Dark

21.Dominic Balli- American Dream

22. KJ- 52-Can Call On You[Piano Love Remix]

23. Tobymac-Extreme Days

24. Lecrae-Jesus Muzik
25.Cam-I See The Truth

26.Lecrae-Go Hard
27.K- Drama-Get Your Weight Up


29.Lecrae-Don’t Waste Your Life

30. B-Shoc- Jesus Lean

31. B-Shoc- Christ-Like Cruisin
32. B-Shoc- We Rock We Roll

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top 100 Christian Rap Songs( A List I Created Myself)

1. Fly Away- Grits
2. I'm A Believer- Tedashii(Feat. Trip Lee & Soye')
3.Tell Him( Internal Conflict)- Level 3:16
4.Our World Fallen-Flame
5.Ready To Live-Jahaziel
6.It's Yours[2 Timothy]-Lecrae
7.Keep The Faith[1 Thessalonians]-Tedashii
8. All I Need- Flame [Feat.Chris Lee]
9.Beyond Belief- 116 Clique
10.Broken-Jahaziel feat. Roccstar
11.Deny Him-Lyrycyst
12.Funeral To Birthday-Flame
13.Sound [Titus]-Trip Lee
14.Tha Church-Lecrae
15.No Silence- Flame(Feat. Lecrae)
16.Trumpet Blow- Da' T.r.u.t.h.
17.Don't Waste Your Life-Lecrae
18.No More- 116 Clique
19. No Power(Lights Out)- Kambino
20. All My Friends-Je'kob
21. Tonight (All Of Me)- Flame & J.R.
22. I Won't Lose- D-M.A.U.B.
23. No Shuttin' Down- Je'kob
24. Real Vision- Trip Lee [Feat. Tedashii]
25. I Did It For You-Lecrae
26. Checkin' For My God- The Ambassador
27. Prayin' For You- Lecrae
28. Favor- The Ambassador
29. Hold On- Flame
30. It's Your World-Lecrae
31. Haters Anthem(Freestyle 2.0)- Je'kob
32. Gimme Dat- The Ambassador
33. Surrender-Flame
34. Our Generation- Michelle Bonilla
35. Background- Lecrae[Feat. C-Lite]
36. Beautiful Feet- Lecrae
37. Real Life- Kambino
38.Honored- K- Drama[ Feat. Canton Jones]
39. Higher Love- Sho Baraka
40. Thank You- Tedashii
41. The Invasion ( Hero)- Trip Lee [Feat. Jai]
42. Desperate- Lecrae[Feat. Cam]
43. Hungry-Jahaziel feat.Tru2DaName
44. Can't Stop Me- Je'kob
45. Gotta Believe- Tedashii
46. Divine Intervention- Lecrae
46. I Been Redeemed- Flame [ Feat. Trip Lee]
47. Lost- Da' T. r.u.t.h.
48. Dig In- Trip Lee
50. Double Back- Flame[Feat. Thi'sl]
51. Can I Be Honest? - KJ-52
52. Come Thru-W.E.L.L. Ced
53. World View- Flame
54. Go Hard- Lecrae
55. Unashamed-Lecrae
56. Falling Stars- Je'kob
57. We Told Em- Trip Lee
59. Tomorrow-Mat Kearney
60. City Lights- Json[Feat. Flame & Trubble]
61. Overrated- Sho Baraka
62. Come A Long Way- Je'kob[Feat. Conscience]
63. Up Up & Away- Je'kob[ Feat. Conscience]
64. Indwelling Sin- Lecrae
65. Superstar(Eyes Off Me ) - Trip Lee
66. My Clothes, My Hair- The Ambassador
67. Killa- Lecrae
68. It Ain't Easy- Je'kob
69. After Your Heart-Da' T.r.u.t.h.
70. I See The Truth-Cam
71. Hodge Podge- Kambino
72. Identity Crisis Intro- Tedashii
73. Goodness To Repentance- Flame
74. Jesus Muzik- Lecrae
75. Everything- Je'kob
76. Pushin' Me-Je'kob [Feat. Coldplay]
77. Extreme Days- Tobymac
78. God Is Love- John Reuben[Feat. Tobymac]
79. Do Not - John Reuben
80. Give Me- Kirk Franklin
81. Dream- Lecrae
82. Where God Placed You- Flame
83. Can Call On You[Piano Love Remix] - KJ- 52
84. Stronger-PRo feat. Jai
85. Breathin' To Death- Lecrae
86. My World Is Gonna Break- Je'kob
87. Need It Daily (Remix)-ForeRunnaz 
88. Never Leave Me-Etizz
89. Poor Boy- Mat Kearney
90. Nobody- Lecrae
91. Uh- Oh- Flame 
92. G. O. D. Remix- Canton Jones
93. I Run- Grits
94. Take Me As I Am - Lecrae
95. The Truth- Lecrae
96. Just Like You- Lecrae
97. My World Is Gonna Break- Je'kob
98. We Preach Christ- Flame
99. Jesus Loves Me-Jahaziel
100. For The Ladies- KJ 52 [Soulvibe Remix]